Enjoying the local meals in Da Lat

Local foods in Da Lat

The cuisine in here is the combination of many regions come from the middle of Vietnam such as: Nha Trang, Phu Yen, Quang Ngai, etc. As for the author, come to Da Lat you should get experience for all of local foods during the cold atmosphere are the best idea. Some local foods that he loves maybe you love also are: Banh Trang Nuong, BBQ, Grill sweet potato, Soy bean milk, Banh Can, Nem Nuong, etc.


Da Lat is a beautiful French village in the past and now it becomes ancient by many old French architecture. However, the tourism in there are very developing by young people in Saigon. The Saigonese often go there to avoid the hot burning. The landscapes and views here are very wonderful by many waterfalls, mountains and pine forests are thick and interminable.

The house between pine forests and fog


Banh Can

At 5:00 PM, the tour guide of us will take you at your hotel, we will take you through the street up and down to have some of best local dishes in the timeline. The first destination we chose are staying on a family-run restaurant to have Banh Can (Can Cake). This cake are very popular with local people and visitors. The recipes passed through generations with special sauce to dip for Banh Can.

Seat on the mini chair at Vietnam and see the way they cook are very interesting. The local people here are very friendly, you can ask them for do it by yourself.

Nem nuong

After having Banh Can, we will move to Nem Nuong (Grilled pork), the pork pounded and mixed with local spice like pepper, onion, garlic, etc. This local dishes are very special to eat. Looking the tour guide and do follow them, how to wrap and rolls it.

The local dishes look like other wraps and rolls other dishes in Vietnam, using the rice paper, meat, vegetable, etc. Rolling all of it and dip with the special sauce. The taste of it so good by the smell of grilled meat, fresh vegetable and little bit salty taste of sauce.

Cha ram bap

Next local foods are very unique because the main ingredient are corn covered by rice paper with special sauce then deep-fried. The vegetarian can try this with many simple ingredient to make.

The taste of Cha Ram Bap are sweet and smell of corn, a little crispy of rice-paper deep-fried combine with the salty of sauce will make the roll balance among ingredient. If you know how to eat Nem Nuong, you will know how to eat Cha Ram Bap.


Moving to the BBQ stall after having the Cha Ram Bap. You can choose which want you like and put it on the dish. There are lots of meats here such as: Satay, bo la lot (beef with vegetable), sausage, chicken, fish, wild pork, etc.

You can choose many sauce to dip with grilled food, almost it are local sauce. There are many unique recipes here.


All of drinks and meals are are included in the cost. You can eat anything.

You can choose motorbike or car to transport. If car, add more charge with $30.

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