4 best dishes you should try in Vietnam!

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In Vietnam, there are many cuisine and culture for travelers to explore. Especially Vietnam is a tropical country, so the spices and the food is very diverse. As a Vietnamese reviewer about food and beverage – Quang Phan, there are four best dishes I recommend every traveler should try once

Vietnamese Baguette (Bánh Mì)

Banh Mi is a common take away food, like McDonald. However, this simplified but very powerful and full of nutrition dish could be replaced for a fulfilling meal. Inside of a Vietnamese bread, it has like ham, beef or pork, cucumber, paté, chili, pickles and so on. It depends on personal customization so you could add more or require to remove, it suits yourself. There are many street vendors around the city only sell Banh Mi because of its convenient.

Broken Rice (Cơm Tấm)

Com Tam is a dish made of broken rice. It is straightforward to taste and be a full meal. Depending on the interested of each person, there are many variables to customize the Com Tam. The essential dishes will have broken rice, barbecued pork, and fried scallion. Besides, there is a bowl of soup after they finished the Com Tam so the nutrition will be ensured and healthy.

Beef/Chicken Noodles (Phở Bò/Gà)

Pho is a famous cuisine in Vietnam for thousands of year up to now. In every breakfast meal, Vietnamese people often have a bowl of Pho before they go to work/study. The pronunciation is quite familiar with the word “Fun.” However, instead of the “n” at the end, it will be replaced and pronounced to “fuh.” A primary bowl of Pho will have spices (ginger, coriander, and spring onion), broth (made by steam chicken or beef bone), and food (flat rice noodle, some slides of beef or chicken).

Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn)

Made by paper rice, Goi Cuon will be wrapped up with rice noodles, shrimp, pork, vegetables, cucumber, etc. For often, this food will dive into the Nuoc Mam but for you can replace to another sauce beside the fish sauce. Tuong Dau Phong is an alternative sauce for you. Chefs combine a soybean and boil with peanut has been smashed into smaller parts.


In general, besides of those dishes that I recommended above, still, many dishes need your exploration in Vietnam. As a food lover, you should come to Vietnam as soon as possible. Not only famous dishes in the city, but some unique dishes could also be somewhere in the highlands of Vietnam. Come to Vietnam; you will enjoy the beauty of nature here while having some fantastic meals that you may never know before.

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