5 Recommendation gifts have to buy when visiting Vietnam

5 gifts have to buy in Vietnam

If you don’t know what to buy souvenirs after traveled, this post will suggest you 5 gifts have to buy in Vietnam.

Almost travelers thinking more about the what to buy gifts or souvenirs after traveling Vietnam. In a while, Saigon is one of the best destination for anyone to visit and the best place to buy gifts or souvenirs. If you traveled around Vietnam and missed souvenirs, don’t worry about that, you can buy anything in Saigon. But there are a lot of things to buy but I will recommend you 5 gifts have to buy when visiting Vietnam.

1. The best drink in Vietnam: Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea is the best choice about the smell of Vietnam. It’s dry good, it’s not difficult to put it on your luggage. The smell of Vietnamese coffee is better and very difference than another countries. Having breakfast early in the morning at Saigon, looking for a small of corner, you can catch the coffee shop. The familiar image on your eyes are plastic chair and mini-stall to make Cafe Sua Da and tea are great memorable. Anyway, Vietnamese coffee are strong, just a little bit, it can make your heart pumping all day.

Where to buy it?

By the way, you can buy tea and coffee not too much difficult in Vietnam. There are some of place that you can visit and try before buying. For example: Trung Nguyen Coffee, Phuc Long Tea and Coffee, Highlands Coffee, etc.

Before buying, trying the taste of tea or coffee on it then choose the best taste for you. The special place is Sense Asia, there are the full collections of 32 difference kind of teas that come from 32 provinces in Vietnam. You can buy Black Tea, Oolong Tea or Yunnan tea from China. The package here are beautiful with attractive design. Traveling to Vietnam and buy this gift then back to your country with the smell in Vietnam.

2. The Vietnamese National Costume (Ao Dai)

The top of the list is Ao Dai, almost foreigners come to Vietnam fell in love with Ao Dai, by the beauty of silk, classical form, graceful motion of women both Vietnamese women and foreigners women. It had a long history and very popular, you can see it still a costume for women student, teacher, some of officers, etc. If you love Ao Dai, you should order it with the tailor-made ones to fit with yourself.

The unique design of Ao Dai make it more attractive when you wear. It brings the highly elegant, slender of women.

Where to buy it?

If you want to buy some of materials to sew for yourself. I will suggest you the shop to buy such as: Ly Tu Trong street in District 1 have many beautiful fabrics or silk for you with colorful printed with high quality.

There are some stores you can visit are: Nice Silk (237 Le Thanh Ton, District 1); Nhat Nguyet (28 Mac Dinh Chi, District 1); Thu Silk (235 Le Thanh Ton, District 1); Huong Collection (67 Thu Khoa Huan, District 1). If you have more time, try to find many fabrics and materials to sew in Tan Dinh Market, District 1.

3. Non La (Conical Hat/ Straw Hat)

Non La is the heritage of Vietnamese people and one of the symbol in Vietnam. It used in 13th century until now. Not only rainy, sun shine protection, Vietnamese housewives use it to contain goods from market. It’s not difficult to see Vietnamese housewives wear it when they go outside with ao ba ba (another Vietnamese traditional costume). This is the best combination between wearing Non La and Ao Dai.

Sometime, on the National Geographic pages,  you can see the image of Vietnamese women wears Ao Dai with Non La. It is the legendary symbol of Vietnam and also the brand of many companies in there.

Where to buy Non La?

It’s not difficult to catch the Non La at any gift stores. If you want to have a unique one, visiting Bui Vien Street, Ben Thanh Market, or Cho Lon Market at LTK 43 and LTK 37 stalls.

4. Marou Chocolate

Marou Chocolate was made by Samuel Maruta, Vincent Mourou. Both of them are French. They bring the world-class style from France then put it to Cacao in Vietnam. Mekong Delta is the main source of Cacao support the raw materials for them. Most of it manufactured in Vietnam, many people call it is the first chocolate with high quality of international and made by Vietnam.

Where to buy Marou Chocolate?

You can buy the Marou Chocolate in Marou store at District 1, Ben Thanh Market. The bigger one is the Maison Marou in 167 Calmette, District 1. Enjoying the coffee or tea here with the special chocolate with Vietnamese taste.

4. Vietnamese Ceramics

The special souvenirs to buy in Vietnam is Vietnamese Ceramics. It’s very convenience and benefits for your home like cup, vase, bowl, bottles, plates, etc. With different colors, shapes and sizes to touch. Handcrafted items and used by Vietnamese people everyday with reasonable price. At the time, it was listed of must buy for foreigners to enter Vietnam.

In spite of that, you should be careful with it and stamp it in the fragile products. Avoiding the broken, you have to buy it on the last day in Vietnam.

Where to buy it?

Visiting a pottery village in Thu Duc District. In here, you can design your pottery by the instruction of the artist. This is the great memory that you should do in Vietnam. There are many things not only for pottery. There are handcraft products like fabrics, bowls, towels, etc.

If Thu Duc District is far away from the central. You can visit the Authentique home at 113 Le Thanh Ton District 1. You can’t make the pottery for yourself but you can buy many pottery goods like Thu Duc District.


There are 5 recommendation souvenirs that you have to buy when back to your country from Vietnam. You can buy it for your relative like a gifts and use it for decoration. These souvenirs are simple and basic look likes Vietnamese people, looking it in your hometown and think more about Vietnam from far away. The country with beautiful place, delicious meals, various foods and friendly people will appear on your mind.


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