Some of villages in Sapa that you should not miss

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Sapa is a foggy town and it very famous by many difference cultural of ethnic people group combine each other. In the past, Sapa town was the place for ethnic group people gather to meeting and exchanges each other. Today, the author will discuss some of villages of ethnic people group that the tourist do not know.


Some of ethnic villages in Sapa

The ancient rock field in Sapa – Muong Hoa Valley

This place situated and belonged 4 ethnic villages include Lao Chai, Ban Ho, Ta Van, Hau Thao. The interesting things here is the rice field terrace and the ancient rocks. Many rocks with many shape and passed through million years ago.

Many rice terrace field here are very beautiful with a long yellow coastal. Sometimes, you will meet the ethnic group people here because the rice terraced field here belonged them. Not only terrace rice field and ancient rocks, there are many colorful flower like the paradise.

Cat Cat Village

The Mong ethnicity belonged one of the oldest village is Cat Cat Village. Visiting there to have chance meet many local people here, they are very friendly with many old traditional way to make goods by handmade crafts such as cotton cloth, beautiful color of fabrics, etc. and some of gifts like crossbow or woods products.

Besides these things above, there are many wonderful image like waterfall, buffalo, rice of field. Come there for trekking and enjoy the peaceful of this village as well as spread with the local activity.

Ta Phin Village

Visiting this village is the home of Dao Do (Red Dao ethnic) and Black Hmong ethnic. This village still keep many old traditional and can’t be damaged by the modernize. If you are lucky, you will see the wedding of them with many rituals of ethnic and complicated customs for this occasion.

They are very friendly with travelers. They love dance, singing and social activity to make unite people together. Sometime, they will invite you to join in your activity or take you to their home and tell you about their lifestyle. It’s about 12 Km from the Sapa town.

Ta Van Village

It stay in the valley of Muong Hoa with peaceful village and natural people. This is a house of Giay, Red Dao and H’Mong ethnic, etc. They have about 1000 people. Come there to make a full view of terraced field are green. Many couple of ethnic houses with simple and lovely.

Visiting here you can have a chance to try sticky rice of Van Ban, Grilled fish of Muong Hum, Horse meat of Muong Khuong or participating in folk games or festival of them like wedding, ceremony, social meeting, etc. 

Lao Chai Village

This village are so beautiful and in the middle of Muong Hoa valley. From the highest place, you can see the whole village with wonderful panorama. Back of village is mountain and face is the river, following the science of winds and waters of Orient, the village have a good location to develop and prosperity. 

The local here are very friendly and welcome you to visit, you can interact with them although the barrier is language but you can feel their enthusiasm by their working.

Ban Pho Village

It located in Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Visiting there to have a beautiful view of Bac Ha Highland with fresh atmosphere and good smell from plants and flowers. The unique flower here are the plum flower bloom, you can see it anywhere and take a picture with beautiful scenery.

The famous special local dishes in Sapa is Thang Co come from this village. This is a mixture of pig, buffalo, horses soup with unique spices from local. Don’t forget to try Thang Co and corn wine in here. 


There are some of famous ethnic village that you can’t miss when visit to Sapa. Each of village have the unique things that I can’t describe more when you having a real experiences. However, there are some of villages like Sin Chai Village, Y Linh Ho Village, Supan Village, Giang Ta Chai Village, etc. If you have more time, try to visit all of them to find yourself in this place. 



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