Interesting destinations that you should go in Sapa

What is Sapa?

Sapa located in the North – East highland in Vietnam. It takes 8 hours from Hanoi. Almost traveler come there to enjoy the coolest atmosphere in Vietnam. The small town with fresh breath, landscape of terraced field rice, forest and colorful flowers that’s make Sapa become peaceful.

Beautiful destinations have to go in Sapa

Ham Rong Mountain

If you are a walk-lover, I will suggest you the place to go hiking in Sapa is Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon Mountain). This mountain located in the Sapa town, you will spend two or three hours to hike and get through twist and turns with rock and stone.

After across the road to get the top of Ham Rong mountain, you will have a panorama landscape of Sapa Town, Ta Phin Village, Muong Hoa Valley behind the milky fog. Besides, you can take a picture of wonderful flowers garden and breath the fresh air to refresh your body. It’s about 3 Km from Sapa and entrance fee are 70,000 VND for adult and 20,000 VND for child.

The Highest Peak of Indochina – Fansipan Mountain

This mountain is the roof top of Indochina, the height of 3,143 in the central of Hoang Lien Son Range. On the way hiking here, you can catch your eyes about the wildlife system of plants and animals such as rarely woods, medicinal plants, monkeys and some of wild birds.

I recommend you have to go with the tour, local people guide like Mong and Dao ethnic people. Because it’s easy to get lost and you will spend two or three days to get the top by hiking. Don’t forget to take a warm coat and prepare for climbing.

If you don’t have enough more power to get the top, don’t worry with it. The cable car have been established since 2016 for travelers get the top of Fansipan. After 15 minutes seating on cable car, you will get through 7km from the height of 1,410 meters. It’s about 9 Km from Southwest of Sapa. The ticket entrance for cable car are 700,000 VND for adult and 500,000 VND for child.

The heaven gate of Sapa

It belongs in Hoang Lien Son range and it situated on the top of Tram Ton pass. After get through all of the steps, you will touch the thick cloud and see the mountain roads of cars.

Looking far away of the eyes, you will see the Silver Waterfall and many wonderful landscape disappear and appear suddenly covered by sea cloud. It’s about 18 Km to the North of Sapa.

Waterfalls and Coc San Caves

Coc San caves hidden behind the stream of waterfall with many caves and waterfall complex. The way to approach the waterfalls and Coc San is so difficult. You should get through the high way quite dark and it sometimes block by rocks.

After enjoying the cool waterfall, you can go deeper inside to see more the cave complex of Coc San with many limestone and beautiful rocks, stone with difference shape. It takes 14 Km form Lao Cai City center.

Rose Valley

It situated in Sapa town, ATI Tourism Center, Muong Hoa Street.

Dinh Deo – Silver Waterfall

It situated in 4D Highway, San Sa Ho, Sapa, Thac Bac Cau May Tourism Center. The ticket fee is 25,000 VND.

O Quy Ho Mountain Pass

It located in Tam Duong District, Lai Chau, Son Binh and it’s about 20 Km from Sapa city.

French Building Church in Sapa

The Holy Rosay Church built in 1895 follow the Roman Gothic architecture. It’s the symbol of Sapa and one the best attractions that you should check-in here. It’s open 7 PM everyday and 9 AM on Sunday. It located in the centre of Sapa town.

Hoang A Tuong Castle

The architecture of this castle is the combination between European style and Asian. It built in 1914 for the King of Mong ethnic and his son is Hoang A Tuong. Nowadays, it has been renewed with wonderful color to remove the old grey color

Hoang A Tuong Castle located in center of Bac Ha District, Lao Cai and open from 8 AM to 4 PM. It’s free for visit.


There are some of beautiful places have to go in Sapa. The foggy town with many cultural ethnic and friendly people. There are many things in Sapa like foods, festivals, local village. All of this will post everyday by the author. Please, don’t miss this.






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