What to do in a day at Da Lat? – First day!

Briefly of Da Lat

The main advantage of Da Lat is the cool weather with many beautiful sceneries. This city situated in highlands of Vietnam, belongs Lam Dong province. There are many beautiful places such as Xuan Huong lakes, wonderful flowers, waterfalls, etc. that are the good things attract almost young people from Saigon. They come there to find their half, real love with romantic views.


Trying to wake up early, having a breakfast in the cool atmosphere. After that, enjoying the hot coffee are the best experience to relax yourself after stressful. If you want to find something news in a day. Exploring some of attractions are the good ideas that you should do.

Love Valley

This place are very popular with the name Thung Lung Tinh Yeu in Vietnamese. There are lots of tourists and couples visit there by beautiful views like Da Thien Lake, Hills flower, Duck boat, romantic views, peacock garden etc. Visit their then enjoy the romantic place with the ticket is 100,000 VND for adult and 50,000 VND for child.

Langbiang Mountain

It’s about 12km from the center of Da Lat. The height of this mountain is more than 2000 meters. Reach to the top of the mountain, you can see the full view of Da Lat like Golden and Silver stream, waterfalls, range of mountains behind the fog disappear and appear suddenly. It’s look like you lost on the fairy tales kingdom and ride on the clouds like Chinese old novel. Don’t forget to take a picture here to post in your social networking sites to show with your relatives in your country.

Cu Lan Village

This village is the home of K’ho ethnic people. They are very friendly, the landscape here are very poetic with many big coastal of pine tree, some of wooden house, a big garden, a peaceful lake and a big place for the citizen here meet and exchange each others. It’s take 20 Km from center of Da Lat and 60,000 for the ticket fee.

Da Lat Railway Station

This is an oldest railway in Vietnam and built by French people early in the 20 century. In the past, this is the main road to transport goods for Vietnam Republic. Now, it serve for tourism. Visiting there to take some of classical photo and finding more about the old French architecture. After visiting this place, you can visit the near place is Linh Phuoc Pagoda. Which is the big pagoda famous by the biggest Buddha made by flowers in Vietnam.


Pongour Waterfall

This waterfall is far away from Da Lat center. It’s about 50 km and belongs in Duc Trong district. The height of waterfalls is 40 meters with seven levels and the width is more than 100 meters. Visit there to take some of wildlife picture.

Datanla Waterfall

It belongs in Prenn mountain pass and from 8 to 10 Km from Da Lat city center. There are seven levels of rock in this waterfall. Be careful with rocks here, it’s very wet and easy to slip. Not only the waterfall, there are the alpine for you to reach the waterfall.

Prenn Waterfall

It situated in ward 3, Da Lat. This waterfall are beautiful also but the thick and cool water. It’s very famous by tourist. Around this waterfalls, they sell lots of food and drinks of Da Lat or some snack to increase your energy.

Xuan Huong Lake

The famous lake in the central of Da Lat, it’s a symbol of Da Lat with some of fog fly away on the surface of water. It’s make the scenery become poetic like the drama.

Tuyen Lam Lake

This is the largest lake in Da Lat, it’s about 7 km from the centre. It’s very beautiful by many wildlife flowers, friendly people and the bell of nearly pagoda here. All of it make the atmosphere become slowly and slowly then make the people falling their works into the oblivion.

Than Tho Lake

The situated of this lake is in the north of Da Lat centre. This lake cover by coastal of pine tree and some of hills. The scenery are very sorrow, peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Visit there and finding the sorrow of love story have the tragic ending.


There are some of natural attractive places that you should go when visit Da Lat. Which is the foggy town in the South Vietnam. The cool weather with mystique scenery make Da Lat become the best destination from many South people. They come there to enjoy the cooling atmosphere, young people come there to love and enjoy the romantic of love by poetic landscapes.




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