What is the experience of Indian tourists to Vietnam?

General Behaviour

You can greet them by saying “Hello” Vietnamese “Xin Chao”

If you want to make a good impression when you meet someone for the first time, a good topic to discuss is family. Vietnamese appreciate it if you ask them about their marital status (i.e. single or married) about their parents, their spouses, and their children. It means that you care about their lives.

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Local Currency is Vietnamese Dong(VND): Exchange at Airport they offer the best price, 100 USD is roughly 21 Lakh VND. Don’t forget to bring USD along with you.

You can use International credit cards as these are widely accepted.

Food Options

If you are non-vegetarian then you can easily survive as Vietnamese serves the lot of red meat, chicken ( a), duck, fish etc.

For Vegetarian I must say sorry. It’s very difficult to find Indian food in Hanoi, However, there are few restaurants which Indian food which is near To Ngoc Van, Hanoi. There is one restaurant which is very famous “Namaste Hanoi”

KFC is also available, Local Street is full of Hot dog options and you can eat full Pineapple for just INR 30 (10,000 VND)

A lot of Burger restaurant is there in Hanoi, Beer and Cold drink are cheaper than in India.


90 % of Vietnamese don’t understand English and speak English, Taxi Driver speaks little English and those in hospitality business can speak. But you can take help of google translator and also take help of small Vietnamese kids they speak good English and understand well. Vietnamese use smartphone more than us so doesn’t forget to use Google translator.


Taxi drivers don’t cheat they usually take you to your place by the shortest route so don’t worry and secondly metered taxis are available so don’t bargain, the price is usually INR 30/ KM. Motorbike taxis are also available but you have to confirm price first. Local Transport in Hanoi is very difficult due to heavy traffic.

Place worth Visit

Visiting Vietnam is a great experience. Most famous place in Vietnam is Ho lang bay, Which is near to Hanoi city(200 KM). This place is on the list of world heritage places. Spend a night in Sea cruise is which not much costly 80 USD to 150 USD for three stars to 4-star cruise. If book cruise then they offer free Pick and drop(Small Buses) from Hanoi city.

Don’t miss this place, Vietnam visit is waste if you are coming back without visiting this place.

experience of Indian tourists to Vietnam
Experience of Indian tourists to Vietnam

Second place is Hanoi which is Capital city of Vietnam, you can visit HoTay lake, Ho Chi Minh Museum, You must visit a local night market near Old Quarter where you may find a lot of option for Vietnamese sovereigns. Bach Ma, honoring a legendary horse, plus Đồng Xuân Market, selling household goods and street food.

Third Place is Sea beach near Hai Phong city, but please note this city is famous flesh trade, so avoid visit in city area as many touts may approach you.

Fourth place is Da Nang which again coastal city but far from Hanoi.

Important Tips

  • Don’t talk negative about their leader Ho Chi Minh, he is their Gandhi. They respect him a lot. Even pronounce this name properly.
  • Bargaining works in the local market.
  • Don’t fall in traps of Traditional women who offer to have the photograph with they may ask INR 300 for just one Photo click.
  • Use taxis for Local travel they are safe as compare to motorbike taxis.
  • Price of Local stuff is generally Comparable to Indian local markets. ( few products on the little higher side.
  • First copy branded clothes are available in local market, so avoid those stuff. Secondly in companies outlet like Nike Adidas price is high as compare to India.
  • Refurbished iPhone is available in the mall, don’t buy those.

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