Exploring Floating Markets in Western Vietnam

Briefly Introduction

When foreigners come to Vietnam or even the Vietnamese people from the Northside, they frequently are amazed because of the characteristic of the Western – Mekong Delta River. In here, you could see there are many rivers and fields because the Western is a flat area. While you are coming here, as a Vietnamese writer, I suggest you should come to floating markets in western Vietnam once. Below will be the top 4 floating markets that have many excellent recommendations from the Western people in Vietnam.

Cai Rang floating market

Location: Can Tho province

Cai Rang floating market also knows as the biggest floating market in the Mekong Delta river. To move into this floating market, it will take about 6 km from the center of Can Tho province. In common days, the time to operate in this market is from 3:00 AM to 9:00 PM. However, on some special occasions like Tet, sellers of Cai Rang floating market could sell 24/07 to serve as many as possible. There are many famous agricultural products sold by sellers in here like Cai Mon durian, Vinh Long pomelo, tangerine from Vung Lai, Tra Vinh coconut. The name before fruits is from various province concentrate in certain kinds of fruit. Therefore, it will be marked as a highlight of this market.

Nga Bay floating market

Location: Hau Giang province

As the name it said, Nga Bay floating market is located at the center – where it has seven intersection rivers that centralized in one point in the mainstream.  In every morning, the local people in here will come to this river and assemble as a market by small boat. They usually sell things like breakfast, fruits, vegetables, and household items. Sometimes, for some people, they often sell strange things such as geckos, snakes, tortoises, etc. that they caught from the forest.

Long Xuyen floating market

Location: An Giang province

This floating market is created by the demand of people in An Giang. Thus, it could not crow and many things like other floating markets in the Western of Vietnam. However, there are still have full ranges of products that could meet various needs from the people here. As a guy who loves peaceful and wants to see the pristine character of the local, I strongly recommend you should come here and enjoy the beauty of it. Besides, as a small floating market, you also don’t have to bargain the sellers because they are friendly as well as you’re nice

Nga Nam floating market

Location: Soc Trang province

Like Nga Bay floating market, Nga Nam floating market also has the same characteristic. Five intersections come from Ca Mau province, Vinh Quoi province, Thanh Tri province, Long My province, and Phung Hiep province. However, a little bit different from Nga Bay floating market, Nga Nam floating market operates almost for a whole day. Moreover, this market also a center for the trading of 3 central provinces Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, and Hau Giang. Travelers come to here; you could see many boats are selling foods like porridge, noodle soup and you also can eat on the ships or take away as you want. Furthermore, not only food but you could also find out some unique food materials like western rice, seafood, vegetables, etc.


Generally, people from all over the world besides come here to trade and exchange, you could experience some interesting things. Enjoying food and beverages on the boat is one of the interesting things that I have ever discovered. If you have a chance to come western of Vietnam, come to floating rivers right away. The reason is that there are many fun and strange things waiting for you.

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